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Report writing: what does it require?

Some time you will be given a task to write a report instead of your academic essay. Many students get confused when they hear that word. So, what is a report, in fact, and what are the requirements to report writing and what is actually a report?

Reports might be often considered to be a sort of essay, but they are needed for technical, scientific and business subjects. Unlike an essay, a report contains facts, and it is a pretty short document written for a certain audience. You will have to select and analyze a situation or a problem, sometimes also make recommendations for future. A report should have a clear structure.

However, there are some specific guidelines, while the requirements to report writing might differ from one tutor to another and from one institution to another.

What elements might a report contain?

  • A situation or events description.
  • Your own analysis of significance of these events or analysis based on opinions of other people.
  • The research results or facts evaluation.
  • Possible outcomes discussion.
  • Your own recommendations on the future actions.
  • Conclusions.

However, not all of these elements will surely be present in your report. You should check the particular requirements in advance. The main goal of any report is to let people find the information they need easily and very quickly. That’s why the reports usually contain the numbered sections and some subsections. The structure of a report is very important. For that purpose, you should create a brief plan before getting started.

At first you will get a very detailed brief for your report. You should learn it carefully and you will know for sure, for who you write your report. Do not forget about your purpose and audience in the process of writing, and exclude everything irrelevant. Remember that the references are very important, especially when it comes to academic work. Keep track of your information sources.

The structure

The structure also might vary depending on the organization and tutor, so check if beforehand. But there are some obligatory elements which should be included to your report, such as:

  • Executive summary or abstract. It is a brief summary of your contents and it’s reasonable to write it last, as you have all the points ready. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be larger than half a page.
  • Introduction. It is a sort of a brief summary of a discussed problem and it covers briefly the conclusions.
  • Main body. Here you can work very carefully, while it leads your reader through the issue of your report. The main body is split into sections with certain sub-headings to the considered themes. You should clearly set out the main issue in each theme. All the information is to be related to the brief.
  • Conclusions/recommendations. The conclusion shows your experiment results and might include the recommendations. But you can also separate recommendations. They should suggest how to improve the situation, and the suggestions should be measurable and specific, as well as achievable.

What about the report writing style?

The aim of your report is clear; it should be easy-to-read and clear. Give preference to shorter words instead of longer. Avoid using jargon. When using special language, explain each word so any user without special knowledge could understand it. But still prefer replacing specific words with the simple ones. Remember to include only relevant information to your report. Grammar and spelling are also important.

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